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Please respond to the statements below by selecting the rating that best describes your perception. There are no incorrect responses. Your honest opinion (especially your candid comments) will be used to improve both eProf and curriculum.
Creates an inviting atmosphere conducive to learning
Is genuinely interested in you as a student and person
Supports student efforts
Encourages independent thinking
Is well-prepared and stimulates effective discussions
Skillfully handles difficult discussions and students
Offers relevant feedback to improve students' work and ministry
Knows course subject well and easily applies to ministry
Focuses on applying information to ministry context
Gives clear directions for assignments and activities
Has adapted well to cyber-education (chats, email, etc.)
Enthusiastically supports PLI
Candid comments about the eProf
Textbook(s) used is (are) informative and valuable
Other materials used are informative and valuable
Additional reading is informative and valuable
Topics covered in this course were relevant to ministry
Classroom content helped clarify important concepts
The exercises and assignments I found most helpful were
Candid comments about the course material