Pastoral Leadership Institute

We realize there are many people interested in pursuing their calling and need to be preparing for that special career, yet are held back by the need to balance family, career, and finances. You’ll find that PLI has created a dynamic and affordable program to fit people’s busy lives.

Courses are 100% Online

Content is posted on a web site accessible by passwords. Mandatory classroom participation occurs in a "virtual classrooms" where students freely interact with peers and the course teacher (the "eProf") via a video platform that utilizes state of the art media technology where learning occurs in real time.

High Sense of Community

Classes are highly interactive with regular communication between instructors and students, but even more so in the student's mentoring relationship with a "coach" - usually the local church pastor. In addition, the coach facilitates and monitors the student's hands-on internship which runs concurrently with the academic online training.

Efficient & Accelerated Program

Over the course of two years (or longer if the student prefers), sixteen courses are taken and a plethora of skills developed through the internship. While these influence the development of the student's head and hands, an intentional development of the student's heart is found in the studies and the relationship with the coach.