PLI Courses Offered

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester. View the enrollment form to see which courses are currently being offered. If you would like to find out when a particular course will be offered next, please email us at

Level One Courses 

  • PL111: Biblical Interpretation 
    An introduction to methods of Bible study and to the principles of biblical interpretation, with an emphasis on an inductive approach to biblical interpretation
  • PL121: Old Testament Survey 
    In this course students are introduced to the literature, message, background, geography, archaeology, and relevance of the Old Testament for constructing a biblical worldview and way of life.
  • PL141: New Testament Survey 
    A study of the literature, historical background, geography and significance of the books of the New Testament, this course emphasizes learning the structure, main themes, and interpretation of key verses and passages in each NT book as well as basic terms and facts.
  • PL531: Biblical Theology 
    This course gives the student a foundational introduction to the content, discipline and practical application of biblical theology to serve as the foundation for practical ministry, systematic theology and the construction of a biblical way of understanding things, a biblical world view.
  • PL211: Systematic Theology I 
    This course exposes students to theology through a systematic approach, particularly in a Wesleyan/Arminian context, with a focus on the doctrines of God, Christology, pneumatology, creation and man.
  • PL221: Systematic Theology 2 
    With an historico-systematic approach this course explores the theological study of the doctrines of the work of the Holy Spirit, the gifts and fruit of the Spirit, the church and its order and ordinances, and the end times. Systematic Theology 2 attempts to give a coherent explanation of the doctrines of sanctification, ecclesiology, and eschatology, based primarily upon the Bible, from the context of culture, using current idiom, and related to issues in life.
  • PL251: Homiletics 
    This course attempts to produce the best beginning preachers possible outside of a conventional classroom and within a short course period. The student will learn the fundamentals of the theology (purpose) of preaching as well as the practical aspects of expository preparation and preaching, storytelling, use of illustrations, and culturally sensitive preaching.
  • PL271: Fundamentals of Christian Leadership 
    This course explores the principles of Christian leadership that create the underpinnings of every successful local church. The student will examine principles of leadership from a biblical basis and will learn to apply those principles to their specific local church situations so that they become adept at exercising active leadership.
  • PL700: Year One Internship (5-10 hours weekly)
    “Hands on” training under the tutelage of a mentoring pastor.

Level Two Courses

Completing eight Level Two courses as well as the second half of the PLI Internship earns a Pastoral Foundations Certificate and meets the educational requirements for ordination in the Missionary Church (subject to approval by the district).

  • PL311: Pastoral Care
    This course will teach students the basic skills of pastoral care — caring for the congregant as well as for the pastor himself and his family.
  • PL315: Fundamentals of Christian Counseling
    Basic counseling, behavior and psychological pre-diagnosis, and referral techniques are presented in this course.
  • PL331: Principles of Church Administration 
    This course examines basic principles of administration and management of the local church. The student will examine the difficult balance between a spiritually focused organism of ministry and maintaining proper order and structure to keep the organization functioning smoothly. This study will focus on the “how to’s” of leading the local church.
  • PL351: Teaching Methods and Christian Education Administration 
    This course covers the pedagogical and administrative issues related to effective Christian education, combining theoretical, theological, educational, and philosophical understandings of Christian education with practical experience in using creative methods. Particular emphasis is placed on developing the skills necessary for effective teaching and leadership in the local church setting.
  • PL371: Missions and the Church
    This course will demonstrate that God’s ultimate purpose in the world is the establishment of his kingdom by the healing of the nations (Rev. 22:2), and that the church is the instrument of that healing.
  • PL431: Strategic Leadership Principles & Practices
    Students will receive a basic understanding of the strategic process of leadership.
  • PL451: Church Multiplication & Planting
    This course will ask the student to freshly re-examine Christianity in regard to evangelism and the proactive multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches. The student will also examine the demography of the unchurched and explore the biblical, philosophical, and missional concept of church planting.
  • PL471: Church Health & Redevelopment 
    Students will discover what makes a healthy church and how to develop health in an existing church.
  • PL631: Spiritual Warfare Ministry
    An introduction to spiritual warfare ministry, this course includes both biblical and practical foundations for the application of spiritual warfare principles in ministry settings.
  • PL641: Coaching Towards Discipleship
    With a holistic approach to coaching, this course will examine biblical foundations, issues, and principles of coaching applied within the Body of Christ. It will also demonstrate the need and provide practical skills to enable spiritually mature men and women to coach younger believers to become fully-devoted servants of Jesus Christ who will in turn invest in the growth of others.
  • PL651: Cultural Anthropology 
    This practical course focuses on acquiring specific skills necessary to share the Gospel cross-culturally. Besides analyzing major anthropological theories and concepts, students will be trained in participant observation, developing receptor-oriented communication skills related to evangelism and world missions.
  • PL671: Spiritual Formation
    Focused on a commitment to personal and corporate spiritual formation, students develop self-awareness and insight in their spiritual journey, learn to exercise inward and outward spiritual disciplines, and develop a personal growth plan.
  • PL671: Spiritual Formation
    Focused on a commitment to personal and corporate spiritual formation, students develop self-awareness and insight in their spiritual journey, learn to exercise inward and outward spiritual disciplines, and develop a personal growth plan.
  • PL691: Everyday Disciplemaking
    This course will equip students with a Scriptural, practical, and reproducible strategy for disciplemaking personally, in community, and as a church.
  • PL550: Leading Change in Your World
    This new course will focus on the Servant Leader as World Changer by looking through the lense of contemporary issues that call for personal and organizational change. The concept of Servant Leadership and how it differs from other leadership theories will be explained. Mission and vision, strategic planning, organizational change models, and other best practices for meaningful and purposeful change within the context of your world (personal, work, ministry, family) will also be explored.
  • PL511: Church History
    This course will study the history of the Christian Church from its beginnings to the Reformation period, revealing the individuals who have impacted the church over the centuries and closely examining the scriptural issues which have preserved, sustained, and strengthened it.
  • PL800: Year Two Internship (10 -15 hours weekly)
    “Hands on” training under the tutelage of a mentoring pastor.