Job Description

The role of a PLI Coach is to provide emotional and pedagogical support as a shepherd and mentor to the PLI student. The PLI Coach facilitates the PLI student’s ministry skill acquisition through the internship.

Suggested Coaches

  • Senior pastors
  • Retired pastors (must be able to facilitate the church ministry activities of the internship)
  • Transition pastors (must be able to facilitate the church ministry activities of the internship)
  • Coaching Team (consisting of an overall point coach and specialty pastors or ministers — must be able to facilitate the church ministry internship)

Academic Coaching

  • Review the student’s profile to develop an appreciation for the student’s potential and an informal forecast of the student’s most effective future ministry role
  • Meet with the student twice each quarter to (1) gauge the student’s disciplined progress toward completion of the courses and (2) query the student from the Coach’s Manual to ascertain his comprehension of the course material
  • Be available for appointments on an as-needed basis for questions or encouragement
  • Review and report on the student’s coursework accountability when required

Internship Coaching

  • Plan and empower the student to participate in the internship each quarter as detailed in the internship syllabus
  • Meet regularly (at least biweekly is recommended) to assess the student’s effectiveness in the internship and make any necessary adjustments for improved performance
  • Submit the coach’s evaluation form halfway through the internship (after the student completes Level One courses) and again at the end (after the student completes Level Two courses) to report the student’s performance in the prescribed internship responsibilities