Step 1: Student Application
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Step 2: Assessments
Submit the $25 assessment fee Click here to pay
Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed a weblink and password to take the assessments. Results are emailed to you, PLI, and your coach.

Step 3: References 
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Find four people who know you well and are willing to submit a character reference for you. Choose someone from each of the following categories:

BUSINESS ASSOCIATE (co-worker or supervisor)
CHURCH (pastor or layperson from your church with whom you have ministered)
MENTOR (or former teacher)
FRIEND (or family member)

Find a coach. Usually the senior pastor of your church will be the most logical person to coach you through the PLI internship. If he is not available, he may know someone who would be able to fill that role for you. If not, contact PLI for suggestions.

Once someone has agreed to act as your coach/mentor, direct him to the online Coach’s Application. Ask him to submit the application and Coaching Contract as soon as possible. (He may want to peruse the other PLI information found on line as well. If so, direct him to the PLI Website.)

Pay $300 for the first half of the internship. We accept personal checks (mailed to PLI Tuition, PO Box 9127, Fort Wayne IN 46899-9127) or credit card payments submitted online through PayPal.

The cost of tuition is $200 for each class, except for prerequisite courses (“Study Prep” and “Writing Skills Development”) which are only $200 each. Tuition can be paid by personal check mailed to PLI Tuition, PO Box 9127, Fort Wayne IN 46899-9127 or by credit card payment made online through PayPal. New students usually take the prerequisite courses the first quarter. If financing your PLI education is going to be challenging, check out Financial Options. Good stewardship and a little creativity could go a long way.

Upon receipt of payment, the PLI office will authorize you to access each class in which you enroll.

Walk through the Student Tutorials two or three weeks before classes begin, then simply follow the tutorials to get set up and ready. Order your textbooks and Logos Bible software through the PLI Bookstore. Your eProf will touch base with you via email a week or so before the course begins.

Evaluate your computer hardware and software to be certain your technology will be able to support you through this process. (See “Minimum Computer Requirements” listed in Preparing for Your First Class)

Make sure your internet service provider is reliable (consider MSN, AOL, or a local provider) and stick with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher to maintain compatibility with everyone else.

Assess your typing skills. Strongly consider a typing tutor course ( 30 days before classes begin to help you hone your ability.