PLI Summer 2018

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Registration deadline is Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Whether pursuing MC credentials or improving your serve, meeting prescribed educational requirements or selectively cherry-picking, PLI courses could provide just what you’re looking for! All courses include weekly two-hour, online chats as well as required reading, assigned writing, and hands-on projects.

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Level One

PL111: Biblical Interpretation
Tuition: $200
eProf: Mike Thompson, D.Min.
Mondays, 8:00pm Eastern
With an emphasis on the inductive approach to biblical interpretation, this course introduces students to methods of Bible study and to the principles of biblical interpretation. What do students say? “The assignments made me go beyond the surface.” “I looked forward to weekly chats.” “I really enjoyed this course!”

PL221: Systematic Theology 2
Tuition: $200
eProf: Phil Carder, MDiv
Thursdays, 8:00pm Eastern
What does the Bible say about the person of the Holy Spirit, the Church, and the end times? Roll up your sleeves for the second half of our two-part systematic theology courses. This course will help students arrange the puzzle pieces in an orderly, logical fashion to solidify why they believe what they believe. [Prerequisite: Systematic Theology 1]

Level Two

PL315: Fundamentals of Christian Counseling
Tuition: $200
eProf: John Oelze, MDiv, MA
Tuesdays, 8:00pm Eastern

A practical “hands on” course that provides a biblical foundation for effective Christian counseling, students first focus on issues of their own hearts in order to gain a better understanding of God’s plan for helping others in the local church.

PL431: Strategic Leadership
Tuition: $200
eProf: Allen Tyndall, MEd, MDiv, DMin
Thursdays, 8:00pm Eastern

Leading the church for 21st-century community impact requires confident rock-solid leadership, a commitment to a tangible strategic plan and process, and a passion for people. Through a series of guided interviews, students will discover positive and negative examples of leadership principles in actual ministry situations and, by comparing leadership practices with biblical principles, will hone the ability to successfully transfer these principles to real-life situations.


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No grade or credit, submission of assignments not required, participate as much or little as desired.

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