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PLI’s cost is 3x lower than a Bible college or seminary education. And we let you pay as you go to help keep out-of-pocket expenditures manageable.


What could be more convenient than stepping into your own private study and firing up the computer?


PLI works overtime to keep the main thing the main thing. Our practical academic curriculum offers everything you need for life-altering ministry — nothing more, nothing less.


Being spiritual isn’t much good if you lack relevance. PLI guides you to develop a closer walk with God while maintaining contact with people He wants you to reach.

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I plodded through PLI taking just one course per quarter. Although I looked forward to
finishing, when I reached the end, I was oddly reflective. You see, I owe a lot to PLI.
There was personal encouragement and motivation from Greg and Diana, sixteen new
relationships with equally dedicated and very patient eProfs, and friendships with
dozens of other students. The course material was relevant and practical. I have more
confidence now knowing that my ministry is conducted within a framework of whole
biblical truth. I have been exposed to knowledge and wisdom from some of our greatest
thinkers. That has made me all the more curious to learn more. Thank you, PLI, for
helping fulfill my dreams for ministry.

Gene DeverickIndiana, graduate

PLI has definitely played a key role in my walk with God and the journey He has chosen
for me. With PLI I found that a family that came along with the education. Although I hit
a spiritual storm in my personal life that meant dropping out of the program for a
season, the people in PLI did not drop out of my life. Their prayer support and timely
words of encouragement as I struggled through this difficult time proved to me that PLI
is more than just learning the Bible; it’s about caring about the things of God. What I’ve
learned has already been useful in my ministry, and I pray that God will allow me to
resume my education soon. PLI has taught me to care about people like Jesus did.
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Marshall HoberechtKansas, student

I want to thank everyone for all their hard-work—the eProfs, my coach, financial donors,
Greg, and Diana. PLI has been such a blessing to me. It has provided me with
QUALITY education and training while incorporating QUALITY application through the
internship. This year I have faced many "opportunities to grow" and spiritual attacks in
preparing to follow God's calling. The prayers the PLI family offered on my behalf
throughout this year have been felt and deeply appreciated. The financial assistance I
received -- God's provision through your generosity – has allowed me to continue being
equipped for every good work. I am grateful for each person who has played a part in
my PLI experience and development.

Ricky Hull,Michigan, graduate

The program has challenged me in many ways and given me the needed experience for
successful ministry. What a great tool for preparing God’s men for God’s ministry!

Joe ForestNebraska, student

When God called me to share His gospel, I needed a way to get to the next level. At
forty-three years of age, going to college full-time for four years (or more) did not seem
to be an option. With a wife and two great teenage children, totally rearranging our lives
would have been disastrous. PLI was created with me in mind. I praise God for allowing
the Missionary Church to be proactive in their training of pastors rather than reactive.

Mike Van Cleave, Arkansas, graduate

PLI has been such a blessing for me, allowing me the education I needed to prepare for
ministry. I also made many lifelong friendships with other “cyber students” as we met
each week in our chat room classes. PLI is a top-notch program with top-notch staff.

Tom BurgettMichigan, graduate

The “icing on the cake” with PLI has been the personal relationships developed along
the way. PLI eProfs are phenomenal; we share thoughts and seek answers to hard
questions in group chats and one-on-one e-mail; but the wonderful camaraderie I have
enjoyed with PLI classmates of such eclectic backgrounds is beyond words. I love them
all. One classmate has become as close as any family member could ever be, proving
that personal connections are not sacrificed with online learning. At times the online
format even affords more intimacy – baring hearts and souls – than one usually finds in
the traditional classroom setting. Each PLI classmate holds a special place in my heart,
my family of God.

Joe HimesPennsylvania, graduate & eProf

I found the eProfs very knowledgeable, the courses top-notch, and the community warm
and encouraging. PLI is an effective and vital conduit to usher the next wave of pastors
and ministers up to the frontline of battle…and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Jim DoverArkansas, graduate

I really enjoyed my time in PLI classes. I met many new friends and some really great
eProfs. Every one was a great source of information and encouragement. Classes were
demanding and the work hard, but well worth the effort.

Bob HeathVirginia, graduate

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