Students who register for a course (this means not only verbally committing to take the course, but also paying at least 1/3 the tuition fee 30 days in advance) are influencing an administrative decision to offer the course. This leads to securing an eProf to teach the course and assuring other students that the course will be available that quarter. When a student withdraws registration for a course – especially if class registration is low – total enrollment for the course may fall below our 5-student minimum enrollment forcing us to postpone the course to a later date. This not only inconveniences the eProf, but it also deprives other students of a course they anticipated and impedes their progress toward licensing or ordination.

Deterring Solution:

A student who cancels a course registration after the enrollment deadline for the quarter (February 1 for the spring quarter; May 1, summer; August 1, fall; and November 1, winter) and before the second chat session* will be assessed a penalty of $75. The balance of the tuition ($325) may be refunded or held as a credit toward a later class. This $75 fee will be used to partially compensate the eProf, thus ensuring the scheduled offering of the course that quarter even though the student withdraws.

Desired Results:

1) With a potential penalty in the picture, students will more carefully discern if they are going to commit to a course. This more concrete commitment will help PLI to better gauge the scheduling of courses. 2) Late registration withdrawals will not affect course offerings.

* After the second chat session, a student who decides to withdraw from class will receive an incomplete for the quarter and no refund of tuition. However, to retake a course at a later date only costs $100.